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Americana Collectors is always an active buyer of any diamond greater than 1⁄2-carat in weight. We especially need larger stones exceeding 1-carat, and can offer the very most attractive buy prices in town for these highly desirable gems. Our interest in buying diamonds includes both certified and uncertified stones, whether mounted or loose. 


We understand that often times the highest quality gem stones also have significant sentimental value to the patrons considering the sale of such items, and we strive to make your decision something that you are comfortable with and that makes sense for you long-term. Come on in and get a free offer, think it over, and then decide for yourself how you would like to proceed without any of the high pressure you might experience elsewhere. 


Among diamond types, we are interested in nearly all cuts, from the classic round solitaire to the more exotic cuts listed below. We are even able to make offers on chipped or damaged diamonds which we feel are suitable for being recut. 

• Round 

• Princess 

• Pear 

• Oval 

• Marquise

• Emerald

• European

• Mine Cut 


And of course we will pay you for the precious metals contained in any setting as well. So if you have been considering selling your heirloom diamond jewelry or loose diamond stones, you owe it to yourself to stop by and see what Americana Collectors can offer you, with no obligation on your part in any way. 


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