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Americana Collectors has been actively involved in the stamp market since the early 1970's when Lee Toner formed the 'Midwest Philatlics' and conducted stamp auctions. We are always willing to view your  holdings. Collector stamps are a niche market and only certain stamp bring value over their postage value. For example 'scarcer' single items and United States stamps from the early 1900's and before that are 10 cents or higher.

These include:

  • Civil War Era Items

  • Migratory Waterfowl Stamps (Duck Stamps)

  • "BACK of the Book" Collections (Revenue Stamps)

  • Advanced U.S. and World Collections

  • PSA  or PF Certified Items

  • Trans-Mississippi & Columbian Exposition Series

  • Kansas-Nebraska Overprints

  • Graf Zeppelin Stamps

  • Also Any of the Stamps You See On This Page!


Stamps from 1945 to date have very little collector value with a few exceptions. We find that most of the collections we see fall into this   category. Although unused stamps have their postage value. If you have so many stamps that won't even be used for postage, we buy stamps for discounted postage.  Bring it to Americana Collectors.




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