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Americana Collectors is a full service dealer in rare coins and currency. Over the years we have handled a number of rarities, including individual pieces valued into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each. In order for you to make an informed decision when it is time to buy, or even more importantly when it is time to sell-, dealing with a knowledgeable dealer who has the expertise to guide you is of paramount importance.


With our vast network of affiliated coin dealers nationwide, our connections within the numismatic community, and our diligent monitoring of prices realized at major auction houses, we are uniquely positioned to offer you the most for your coins and currency based on our superior knowledge of prevailing market conditions. Additionally, we have the in-house expertise to correctly attribute your coins and currency to insure no rare variety or type is overlooked or mistaken for something more common. 


At the end of the day, it is this unique combination of expertise and industry contacts that sets us apart from our competitors, and has enabled us to become the successful enterprise that Americana Collectors is today. 


For those looking to add to their collection, we offer a splendid array of coins and currency that caters to nearly every niche of collecting. Whatever your collecting pursuit, whether it is United States coinage, world coinage, currency, or exonumia, we have a deep offering of material for your inspection. Because we are the largest coin dealer in the area, our inventory turns-over frequently enough to insure there is always something new to see with each visit. 


Additionally, we actively service want lists for clients. If there is an item missing from your collection, we will actively pursue locating the material with no obligation to you. Just let us know what you are interested in, and it will be our pleasure to keep you apprised once it becomes available. 


Coin collecting is a fun hobby, even more so when you are engaging in it with a dealer who shares the same passion for the hobby that you do. Stop-by for a visit and spend part of your day talking coins with us. You are sure to leave more knowledgeable, and hopefully with a new rare coin to add to your collection. 



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