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Gold & Silver Recycling

We are always active buyers of gold, silver and other precious metals in the form of coins and bullion bars. Additionally, Americana Collectors is also a very active buyer of scrap precious metals. Whether in the form of jewelry, silverware, or even scrap dental gold, we are equipped to offer you the most competitive bid in town on a wide array of scrap precious metal types. With a standing arrangement with the same major gold and silver refinery for more than 30 years, our familiarity with processing scrap gold and silver enables us to be the most efficient operator in the metropolitan area. These same efficiencies also enable us to make you, the seller, the most generous offer possible for your scrap precious metals. 


Hallmarked gold jewelry with marked fineness as low as 9 Kt can be readily processed, as can all other fineness gold. Whether 14Kt, 18Kt, 22Kt jewelry, or any other hallmarked purity in between, and regardless of the condition of jewelry itself, all are ready candidates for recycling and can yield substantial compensation to you. For non- hallmarked gold, we are equipped to needle test the purity of scrap for such items as dental gold, and to make commensurate reimbursement to you based on the essay. 


Likewise, we are ready buyers of scrap hallmarked silver, whether stamped 0.999 Fine or Sterling. And in many instances we can offer you more than the intrinsic value of the silver on such items as better silverware patterns or silver dishware. 


Perhaps most importantly, our knowledge of jewelry and silverware will prevent you from possibly melting items that have substantial value above their precious metal content. This expertise is an important consideration, especially when liquidating unwanted items such as watches, or other jewelry that may have originated from prestigious jewelers such as Tiffany or Faberge, and which have substantial value above the precious metals contained within them. 


And finally, as with everything we buy, Americana Collectors offers immediate payment, making your journey to our store a single trip. If you have unwanted jewelry and other precious metals that have outlived their usefulness in your wardrobe or dinning room, now is a great time to act on their disposal, as you will likely be genuinely surprised by the scrap value they contain. 


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